Mixed Media and Reactive Metals by Holly Whiting

Mixed Media and Reactive Metals by Holly Whiting

Contact me to inquire about purchasing any of these pieces or to commission a piece.

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I like to use some unexpected materials and methods for much of my art. My paintings include watercolor, acrylic, mica, rust, gold leaf, and whatever else I can find around the studio. Many pieces are for sale, and those that aren’t are available as prints. If you see something in the art gallery you like, please ask me about it. I’d be happy to show you any of the pieces you are interested in.

Holly accepts commissions on paintings of any size. She works in acrylics, watercolor, and pastel, and often incorporates gold leaf, plaster, and even rust in her work.

Original paintings and prints are available for purchase on my Etsy shop page.

Prints, cards and other items are for sale here.